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Comedy Reviews - CD - Adam Newman - Not For Horses

Amazon page
Amazon page

Not For Horses
Adam Newman
Stand-up Comedy CD and MP3
Rooftop Comedy 2011

A good Anne Frank joke is hard but Adam Newman has quite a few in one of the short bits on his stand-up comedy MP3 and CD Not For Horses. This is a collection of very loosely connected short bits centered on observation and anecdote. Unless you object to shit and pussy, this is a clean comedy CD.Comic Adam Newman has many talents and it is apparent on Not For Horses. MP3 album at Amazon

A favorite here is the Dog Sitting bit where he plays around with the name of a dog and its breed such as Doggie Schnauzer. It is silly but fun.Other routines include bad jobs such as working the red eye at Kroeger and the weird customers. I wished Newman had expanded on this one though he could not top the one customer he talks about.

Another especially good track is Most Metal Moments. Funny and weird.

The only comedic bit that does not work on the CD is  Breaking up Wallace and Gromit Style. The Bonus Tracks are okay but they do not count really.

Newman’s comedy is not even close to particularly profound. Not that it matters, his routines are funny and entertaining. Sometimes that is all you want out of an evening at a stand-up comedy club. If that is the case, Adam Newman is excellent.


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