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Live Comedy - Keith Lowell Jensen - Live - Sacramento CA October 2nd 2011

Live - Sacramento CA October 2nd 2011
Sammie’s, Sacramento CA
October 2nd 2011

Seeing Keith Lowell Jensen live gives the audience something it doesn’t really get listening to him on one of his comedy CDs: personality.  Not being bogged down by recording an album, Jensen seemed looser, had more fun, and was much funnier.  Probably the funniest portion of his live performance was his audience interaction, something that was seriously lacking in his most recent album, Cats Made of Rabbits. 

Some of his best bits were when he was having fun with various people in the crowd, whether it was by making a connection with them, or making fun of them, he was making the whole audience laugh.  This was no easy crowd either as both Jensen and his opening act (Trevor Hill) flat-lined on many jokes that were clever and delivered well.  It’s a shame he didn’t get more opportunities to do audience work on his recording. 

Another big advantage he had over his stand-up comedy CD or DVD is that the material was just flat-out better.  With the exception of two short jokes, the entire set was brand new, which was refreshing.  Despite this, he had many more ready-to-produce jokes than Cats Made of Rabbits, including jokes about women’s rights, marijuana legalization, and the entire state of Oregon. 

There were still obviously a few weak jokes about Wal-Mart and his daughter wearing a fake mustache, but any relatively new set is bound to have some flops, what’s impressive is how few he had.  Overall, Jensen’s live set was very entertaining, and gives a very encourage glance on his next CD. 

Joe Schneider

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