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Comedy Reviews - CD - Matt Ward - Glamorous

Available at Amazon
Matt Ward
Stand-up Comedy CD
Super Cat Productions 2011

Matt Ward’s Glamorous features both stand-up comedy and funny songs. Overall, this is a pretty decent release. Ward opens promising he will not do hack material about airplane food and so on but instead talk about porn, drugs, moonshine, and society and he delivers. Matt Ward has good material but the audience doesn’t quite go along for the entire ride and this seems to destabilize him. That he breaks rhythm a couple of times does not help. MP3 at Amazon

Conspiracy Theories is a smart, original bit. Although more could have been done with Weed Snobs (a pot version of people who wax on the attributes of a wine), it too is solid. A personal favorite is Stop Rewarding Failure.

I am little put off by the rather frequent and pointless fuck and fucking and more so by Ward’s use of “is what I am saying” or “is what I am trying to say”

Glamorous ends with four funny songs. I am not a fan of the genre but it is clear these are good comic tunes. My favorite is I Wish You Would Die.

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