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Comedy Reviews - CD - Shannon Thompson - I m With Bitchface

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Iím With Bitchface
Shannon Thompson
Stand-up Comedy CD and MP3
Delinquent Records 2011

I’m With Bitchface is a very good stand-up comedy CD though the title, taken from one of the bits, really does not reflect its tone. Shannon Thompson has a non-aggressive style that works very well for him and his material. The comic does not always bring anything new to the topics table but he knows how to give it new a new twist or two such as in the airplane bit that opens this CD. There are a couple of routines on I’m With Bitchface that clearly indicate Thompson really could push himself a little harder.

One such routine is Historical Role Playing where the comic and his girlfriend get a little historically inspired in bed: “She was Kennedy, I was Oswald. … She asked me to bring in a second shooter.” It is unfortunate Shannon Thompson seems to cut that bit short because the audience is clearly not au courant enough to follow along.

Also very good on I’m With Bitchface are Bird Killer which makes you squirm and laugh at the same time, UFC Style Sex. Some of his more adult material in Hook Hands and Pottery Barn Romance is on the unusual side.

Shannon Thompson I’m With Bitchface is a very entertaining comedy CD but I am somewhat looking more towards the next one.

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