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Comedy Reviews - CD - Tim Wilson - Comedy Classics Volume 2


Tim Wilson
Comedy Classics Volume 2
EMI Special Market 2004

If you do not know Tim Wilson, an unfair and slightly inaccurate comparison would be he is Larry the Cable Guy gone dark. However, Comedy Classics 2, an anthology comedy cd shows this stand-up comedian does not need any comparison with other Deep South redneck style comics to get your attention. If the Blue Collar Comedy group is G or PG, Tim Wilson is definitely an R comic. Relationship Humor, one of the 15 very short tracks on Comedy Classics 2, takes care of the standard relationship joke in just over a minute (something like southern relationships are basically "Pull your pants down and come here."

There are a few things wrong with Comedy Classics 2 the stand-up comedy CD by Tim Wilson, the main one being is it is much too short. When there are only 15 funny jokes on a CD and the longest funny skit is a bit more than 4 minutes, you know you are missing out on something. This comedy CD feels more like an ep or marketing tool. The packaging is a waste if time. The liner is just a sheet of paper: no info, no bio, nothing. The sound Comedy Classics 2 could have used some engineering. It is obvious this is a compilation comedy CD but that is no reason not to normalize the sound so that the volume does not dramatically dip from one track to another.

Comedy Classics 2 is probably a very good representation of what Tim Wilson does, there's a funny song or two (Back When Country Was Ugly and Father-In-Law), an Uncle B.S. (a Tim Wilson staple) and a few shots at modern society and the education system. To be honest, the real reason I really like this comedy CD is it contains the one and only funny joke about Alice Cooper. The other 14 tracks are very funny too.

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