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Stand-up DVD - Bobby Collins - Telling It Like It Is

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Telling It Like It Is
Bobby Collins
Stand-up comedy DVD
Uproar! 2012

I guarantee you are going to like this stand-up comedy DVD (see below for details). Rolling, non-stop waves of laughter is what you get with Bobby Collins Telling It Like It Is. Collins does not do anything particularly different in terms of comedy topics but he really knows how to use his face and body to support his very funny observations and stories. Telling It Like It Is is a must for any comedy fan and one of the few DVD you keep close to the player for those days where you need a really good laugh.

In the Amazon blurb for this DVD Collins writes this performance was one of those magical ones where audience and comic are one. He is telling the absolute truth. There is something really special going on in this performance that gives it an energy few recordings have shown.

After a few Indian jokes that would normally be totally unpolitically correct but that the stand-up makes funny as hell, Bobby Collins opens the show with observations about the strange folks hanging around the Nantucket casino where this was recorded. There follows bits about the weird people at dollar stores, on cruise ships, in Miami and other short bits that are tied together with a loose “time to thin the gene pool” theme. The Tom Jones granny panties joke is a visual delight.

The rest of the show has jokes about politicians, the people who work for the TSA, the particularities of West Palm Beach airport (another superb bit), incontinence, getting old, and a few other adult-ish topics.

If you get Bobby Collins Telling It Like It is and can give one reason aside from language you did not like this DVD, email us at contest @ thiswebsite’ and we will send you another DVD or Blu-ray to make up for it. (0ffer has now ended)

Richard Lanoie

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