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Comedy Reviews - CD - Doug Stanhope - Before Turning The Gun On Himself...

Before Turning The Gun On Himself...

Before Turning the Gun on Himself is the best Doug Stanhope CD to date. It is also his most approachable recording to date even if it is still not for pussies. Stanhope makes a living pushing the envelope and expects his audience to have the brains and the stomach to keep up and that has not changed.

If you do not believe me this is a Stanhope “you ever” joke: “Have you ever considered registering as a sex offender just to have a legitimate excuse as to why your friends can’t bring their children to your house?”

One reason why this stand-up comedy CD is Stanhope’s best to date is this performance sound and feels more organized and focused. In the past I’ve had the impression the comic’s train of thought was derailed so some routines would not quite end with as much bite and bile as they were supposed to.

Another reason is this time around the comic’s concerns and topics are closer to what his audience is going through. Not that he takes it easy on the folks in the crowd. A great example of that is Just Move.

The heart of Before Turning the Gun on Himself are Simple Man, where Stanhope tells the people in the crowd they are responsible for their own bad economic situation, and Keynesian Economic Theory as Applied to Private Sector Independent Contracting (the contractor being a low-rent hooker).

Also on this CD is Giant Black Cock where he asks for a well-hung volunteer for a photo op after the show and explains how those who are sensitive to language should blame their parents and childhood.

Other tracks include a bit on lazy songwriters and artists that somehow segues into the appearance of Japanese pussy.

This stand-up comedy CD closes with a vicious attack on other stand-up comics and the wish for a show closer as good as what happened at Seaworld.

Richard Lanoie

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