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TV & sitcom DVDs - Eman - Comedy Now! March 29th 10 p.m.

Comedy Now! March 29th 10 p.m.

The March 29th  episode of Comedy Now! –The Comedy Network 10 p.m.-- is only interesting halfway through. Before that Eman has gone through the men and women, single chick, fat chick, joke catalogues and chosen the most generic jokes in there. It is only when the comic starts talking about her Palestinian background and family that you get anything original. Unfortunately, Eman immediately goes back to generic single chick material.

You sometimes get glimpses of what Eman can do if she really puts her mind to it. A particularly good joke is about playing with her Jewish friend: “We’d play Israelis and Palestinians. She’d come to my house and kick me out.”

Unfortunately, glimpses do not make for a god half hour of comedy.

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