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TV & sitcom DVDs - Matt O'Brien - Comedy Now! April 5th 2012 10 p.m. - The Comedy Network

Comedy Now! April 5th 2012 10 p.m. - The Comedy Network
Matt O’Brien
Comedy Now!
April 5th 10 p.m.

Matt O’Brien is an excellent comic. After watching his Comedy Now episode April 5th at 10 on The Comedy Network you are going to make a point of catching him live next time he is in town. O’Brien does not have a stale or hack bit at any point in time during his performance, his take on things is very fresh, and he usually segues elegantly from one bit to the other.

The comic opens with a routine about city living that goes to one about gay guys. Though he does the stereotypical gay guy, his observations are nothing you’ve heard before but that come to think of it….

There is also a too short bit about the morning after Halloween, going to the pharmacy for Plan B, getting a slice from a somewhat weird server, and a couple of short bits about his dad.

What makes Matt O’Brien stand out from the crowd is that he sometimes acts out scenes or characters. Oddly enough, his one weak point is sometimes he does not know when or where to stop doing that.

Matt O’Brien’s Comedy Now airs April 5th and will be followed by comic Dan Bingham   at 10:30 on The Comedy Network

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