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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jimmy Lynch - Nigger Please!

Nigger Please!

Nigger Please!
Jimmy Lynch
Stand-up Comedy CD
Originally released 1977
Cult Collectibles 2012

Party album, urban comedy, Black stand-up: different names for the same thing. Jimmy Lynch Nigger Please! is the comedy CD and MP3 rerelease of a 1977 album and part of a series that includes Redd Foxx and Skillet & Leroy. A lot of the material here has aged very nicely and is still very funny. Nigger Please is a must for any serious stand-up collection.

Long time comedy fans will immediately notice the difference in delivery and rhythm from how comics, black or white, do stand-up. Lynch is firmly in the Redd Foxx camp of raunchy anecdotes and stories with the occasional social and political commentary tossed in. A perfect example is Squirrel Cracked Nuts (the squirrel being a euphemism for a bush). White Ass On Fire is a story about a white woman who wants some from her Black slave. It is still very funny.

A bit of stand-up that goes back to the Civil Rights Movement is My Name Is … about an encounter with a white man on a city bus. The Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King is very odd indeed.

Other routines on this Black stand-up comedy CD are more vaudeville circuit style stories like Dog Eating Nigger or You Got Worms.

A couple of routines on this CD need the visual support to work, one such is African Rabbit. There are only a couple of jokes like that so it’s no big deal.

Nigger Please! belongs in any serious or not so serious comedy collection.

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