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Comedy Reviews - CD - Dave Williamson - Thicker Than Water

Thicker Than Water, the new standup comedy MP3 album and CD album by Dave Williamson is enjoyable, but enjoyably average.  By that, I mean that while the album lacks any real gut-busting moments of laughter, it is pretty packed with enjoyable moments that will bring smiling and appreciation. mp3 album at Amazon

Williamson doesn't tackle any tough subjects, and his chosen topics are all very tame.  One thing that did stand out on this album is that although Williamson has a lot of material about his wife and children, the bits were all about how much he enjoys being a husband and father.  Candidly, it was a bit odd to me how much this fact stood out.  Most comics who talk about their families talk about the daily hassles and headaches associated with parenthood, and hearing someone take the opposite approach was actually a bit refreshing.

I enjoyed the bit about the slinky.  Williamson comments about how with toys today you constantly have to upgrade to the latest and greatest version, but that wasn't true when he was a kid -- that you didn't have to buy Slinky 1986 and then Slinky 1987.  He has a bit about how his mom thought LOL meant "lots of love" instead of "laugh out loud," and the obvious fallout from that.  It's an OK bit, but many other comics have already had very similar bits, and I think this topic has been beaten to death at this point.

There were also a couple bits that felt like they were still in their very early stages, and perhaps should not have been selected for the album.  For example, the closing bit on OnStar just seems to trail off without any big finale.  Not exactly the way you want to close a comedy CD.

Brett Watson

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