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Comedy Reviews - CD - Ian Stuart - Day Drinker

Day Drinker
Day Drinker
Ian Stuart
MP3 Comedy Album
Independent Release 2012

Ian Stuart Day Drinker is worth more than the  2$ minimum pay-what-you-will at  his website. Though this mp3 comedy album has a couple of weak points, it is certainly worth the detour and more than the cover charge.

Stuart has some good observational material such as the KKK being the first adapters of the Snuggie and biographical routines like the bit on watching scrambled porn. Aside from the last track where he pointlessly uses a couple of fucks, Stuart is a clean, relaxed, adult audience comic.

Advice is cheap and, having paid the minimum for this mp3 album, so am I: Ian Stuart has the same Achille's heel most young comic have in that none of the routines are fully developped. Case in point the one about giving Ex to soldiers with PTSD.

A bigger budget would have allowed Stuart to take out the first couple of minutes (a visual joke that relates to the previous act), redo Living Situation which he acknowledges he's derailed, and take out the  pointless (but short) audience interaction bit.

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