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Comedy Reviews - CD - Brent Weinbach - Mostly Live

Mostly Live

Stand-up Comedy MP3 album
Aspecialthing Records 2012
68 minutes

Mostly Live by Brent Weinbach is an entertaining stand-up comedy mp3 album. Weinbach has a talent for voices and he uses it to great effect here. He is also good at riffing with the audience and has some solid observational material.

Some of the material here, such as Craiglist Rideshare, Ralphs, and Audience Experiment, Latin is very funny and original.  It is also, as is the case for Tuvan Throat Singing, quite odd.

Overall though Mostly Live is a little too uneven. French Pinocchio, where the comic sings When You Wish Upon A Star with a Pepe Le Pew accent, is banal and the kind of stuff you get on open mic night. Also, the French version of Pinocchio is not “Pinochet”. Acting could have been an interesting bit of audience participation but the comic does not know when to stop. The Russian alphabet closer is twenty-two letters too long.

Where Mostly Live really does not work is the two studio tracks shoved in the middle of this comedy album. They break the rhythm and the elevator music and answering machine recording just annoy.

The advantage to mp3 comedy is you can build your own version. There are some really good tracks here and these are worth getting.

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