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Comedy Reviews - CD - Lewis Black - In God We Rust - Brett Watson review

In God We Rust - Brett Watson review

Comedy Central Records 2012

Originally released as a video exclusive to the Epix network, Lewis Black’s “In God We Rust” will be released as a comedy mp3 or CD or DVD on September 11, 2012.

Anyone new to Lewis Black is warned on this album that a lot of what he says isn’t very funny.  He can’t explain why people laugh at what he says and would agree with anyone having the urge to leave the show.

It’s true, his comedy isn’t dripping with traditional gut-busting hilarity, and I don’t think it’s his “comedy style... which often includes mental breakdowns” that gets people laughing. It’s the way in which words evacuate his body and clamber into the microphone that makes whatever comes out of his mouth utterly hilarious. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to be this way for a certain purpose; it’s just him.  That is what makes Lewis Black such a wonder to listen to and, therefore, a successful performer.  Though, the mental breakdowns are pretty funny too.  

Perhaps my favorite bit on this album is a bit spread across two tracks about the iPhone and his Android device.  After explaining the litany of problems he was experiencing with his Droid, including the fact that pressing certain app icons would actually launch completely unrelated apps, he exclaims to the Verizon employee that what they have witnesses is truly amazing, because his phone is starting to exhibit free will.

In God We Rust is actually pretty even tempo for Black.  He has a few breakdowns, swears unapologetically, personifies his testicles, scolds the audience for applauding inanimate objects... which definitely gave me moments of unencumbered laughter, but it all just floated along quite nicely and left me feeling refreshed and ready for another, juicier special.

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Brett Watson

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