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Comedy Reviews - CD - Damage Control Comedy - Terror Tales - Halloween comedy

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Terror Tales
Halloweed comedy MP3 or CD
Damage Comtrol Comedy Group


Terror Tales is the Halloween comedy MP3 album and Cd by the gang at Damage Control Comedy. If there is one thing these guys do very well it is sketch comedy. Terror Tales follows the time-tested format of a radio broadcast by WSUK community radio and the broadcast features funny commercials, PSAs, skits, interviews, and whatever else you will hear on a normal radio station. If you are looking for something to liven up a kid less Halloween party or just some really good comedy, this MP3 album is it.

Terror Tales opens with an ad for Schlong Beer (“Grab a Schlong” -also available in a 12” ribbed can), a community announcement, and a BBC reenactment of the real story of Jack the Ripper who killed women by ripping one. These first few tracks are very funny but a bit misleading as this comedy sketch group is far better than dick and fart jokes.

The best of the best on this CD is Big Ass Pumpkin, a very funny take on “It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”.

There are many, many excellent tracks on this CD. A favorite is the five skit Death series where the Grim Reaper tries to get a guy named Jack Johnson. Other highlights include Gay Bride of Frankenstein and the Pumpkin Activist who is against violence perpetrated on pumpkins during the season.

One of the many reasons why Damage Control Comedy Group is so good is 98% of the time they know when a sketch is over. Very few of the tracks on this release run over 2 minutes. They also know how to pace things so the community announcements, commercials, and other short bits come at just the right time.

Damage Control Comedy is an excellent group and this Halloween comedy CD more than proves it once again.

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