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Comedy Reviews - CD - George Lopez - It's Not Me, It's You

It's Not Me, It's You

Stand-up Comedy Mp3 album and CD
Comedy Central Records 2012
53 minutes

George Lopez It's Not Me, It's You is a decent stand-up comedy MP3 album or CD. Lopez plays to his audience with a lot of pro-Latino bits but also has some more interesting material too even if it is of the “insert ethnicity here parents are tougher than white parents” type. This is an adult audience comedy CD in terms of language, for those who care. mp3 at Amazon

Though a lot of the material here is standard fare and you should probably expect better and more imaginative from an established comic, It's Not Me, It's You does have a couple of gems here and there. Most are one or two lines inside a particular bit of stand-up such as the origin of H1N1.

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With this in mind, high points of It's Not Me, It's You are the Hallowe'en bit and how Latino kids almost go to Disneyworld and so on.

One weak point is this CD is the soundtrack of George Lopez' HBO comedy special so there are moments where you really have to see what is going on to get it. There are not many such moments but they are there.

I am also not impressed with the rather cavernous sound.

This comedy mp3 album or CD is not going to make Lopez any new fans but those familiar with this comic will enjoy it.

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