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Funny Books - Dwight York - More From The Vile File

More From The Vile File

More From The Vile File 500 Sick Jokes
Dwight York
Stand Up! Books 2012
174 pages

Joke books are an odd creature. After all, what do you do with a joke book? You can't really read all, say, Dwight York's 500 Sick Jokes from More of the Vile File in one sitting (unless Montezuma is really out for revenge because you f@cked his sister). Most joke books end up near the throne for some quicky reading during a golden moment –unless you are into that other kind of golden moment. It would also make a great stocking stuffer if you want people to think you got a rectangular dick.

The material in this joke book is adult one or two-liners. Like any such creature, the jokes are hit and miss and sometimes hit and miss depending how your tolerance for certain types of jokes. For example:

“I bought a tortilla maker off the internet. She's from Guatemala.”

“The woman I picked up in the bar last night was a real stunner. She had one of those Taser guns.”

The 500 jokes in this collection are of course adult material. The first half is material from York's 2000 release Jokes Too Sick For The Stage, a quarter is material from the Dwight York CD Quickies (review like at the bottom of this review), a final third is newer jokes.

This joke book is a lot of fun.

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