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Comedy Reviews - CD - Saleem - How Dare You

How Dare You
Stand-up comedy MP3 album
Uprighteous Records 2012

If you believe in reincarnation, sixties comic Godfrey Cambridge is alive and well as Saleem. Don't get me wrong, Saleem is the real goods but I just cannot help but hear the former in the latter. There is in his voice, his take on things, and some of his expressions a definite Cambridge presence. How Dare You, in independent release stand-up comedy MP3 album is Saleem's first release and it is superb. It is highly recommended to anyone who likes quality stand-up. It is even part of our top 10 comedy for 2012

Saleem opens by telling his audience he is funny. Dam right.  He follows by some one-liners, one dating back to the Borscht Belt. This is just one of the many aspects of this comic. He then does a great set-up for the next great American savior, Matthew McConaughey.

His Obama material which mostly comprises  the first half of this stand-up comedy MP3  is quite different from most as it is rather critical of the President. Not that Saleem is a political comic per se and there is a lot more to this section than just politics.

Saleem also does something you do not hear much anymore: race material. We are not talking about white folk / black folk stuff but socially aware observational jokes.

How Dare You closes with more and relatively lightweight bits on gay issues before closing with an elegant set-up for a solid callback.  The show closes with a bit of audience interaction. There is also an eleven-minute bonus track that gets interesting after the thank yous.

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