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Comedy Reviews - CD - Keith Lowell Jensen - Elf Orgy

Elf Orgy

Elf Orgy
Keith Lowell Jensen
Stand-up Comedy MP3 album
Stand Up! Records 2013

Elf Orgy by Keith Lowell Jensen is a very enjoyable stand-up comedy MP3 album on the Stand Up! Records label. You do have to enjoy routines about being the father of a young child as that is the basis of about half this release. Even if that is not your forte, that material is generally solid and so is the second half of this album.

The comedy starts off a bit weak with a rather generic bit about going to a hick town. Things pick up right after that though with a good series on going to different kinds of parks with his child.

The second half opens with a good bit about a woman who “will vote against feminism every time”. This and the Travels Without God routine are where you get the impression Keith Lowell Jensen could do much more … socially relevant … stand-up if he chose to.

The title track is very odd and funny as hell and has to do with comic books and adult material.

This comedy mp3 album closes with a  variation of legalizing weed but with a very interesting twist on why some people are against that.

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