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Comedy Reviews - CD - Maria Bamford - Ask Me About My New God! Richard's review

Ask Me About My New God! Richard's review

Ask Me About My New God
Maria Bamford
Comedy CD and DVD bonus
Comedy Central Records 2013
58 minutes

A Maria Bamford comedy CD either really works or really does not work. Ask Me About My New God (2013 – Comedy Central Records) really works. Here, the many characters / voices, what they say, and their timing help create the performance instead of sounding forced or like crutches for the material. This release comes with a bonus DVD with the comedienne's season 1 and season 5 Comedy Central Presents. It is also available as a MP3 album at Amazon.

Bamford opens with a bit about Portland where this show was recorded.  It is deceptively biting. This is followed by a series of food related bits, opening with the very topical Paula Deen's Suicide Note, not cooking, gas station food, and healthy substitutions.

Also excellent is What I Worship (including People magazine) which begins a series about faith.

Later, Bamford gets more biographical with routines about her neighborhood, languages –pretend or otherwise, and her relationship experiences.

The heart of Maria Bamford Ask Me About My New God is the last 20 minutes that opens with Suicide Anyone? The stand-up comic gets very personal here. A lesser talent would have made this kiknd a material a pity party, or a self-congratulatory survivor bit. Bamford has the perfect balance between pathos and funny and also slips in a get help if you need it message that does not sound preachy.

If you like your comedy with twist and another twist, this Bamford CD will really please.

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Richard Lanoie

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