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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jim Norton - Please Be Offended

Please Be Offended

Please Be Offended
Jim Norton
Stand-up Comedy CD and MP3
New Wave Dynamics 2013

Late last year I reviewed Jim Norton’s CD/MP3 release “No Baby For You.”In that review, I commented that so-called “cringe comedy” is very difficult, and that Norton is an absolute master of this style of stand-up comedy.  I also commented that, on the album, Norton touched upon all of the usual subjects including sex, relationships, sex, racism, sex, religion -- and sex.

Norton is back with a new special called Please Be Offended.  This specially originally aired on Epix, and is now available to purchase on CD or download as MP3 at Amazon

With this release, Norton brings more of the same.  Same cringe-style comedy.  Same general topics and themes.  Same honest and personal stories.  But, while “more of the same” may sound like a negative criticism, in this instance it is not.  This album just brings more of the same Norton that his fans have come to know and love.  Fans of Norton will love this album.  At the same time, this album is not going to convert anyone who did not appreciate Norton’s earlier work.

There are a couple bits on this album that likely will not age well -- namely, bits about Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The rest is solid, and includes Norton’s feelings about the infamous Westboro Baptist Church in a track aptly titled “Fuck the Westboro Baptist Church.”

If you’re a fan of cringe comedy, in general, or of Norton, specifically, you will not be disappointed.

Brett Watson

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