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Comedy Reviews - CD - John Tole - Reign In Laughs

Reign In Laughs

Reign In Laughs
John Tole
Stand-up comedy CD and MP3
Stand Up! Records 2013

John Tole is a very funny, clever, intelligent stand-up comic. His first comedy CD Reign In Laughs more than proves this. Any fan of the genre will feel his money well spent on this release. You do have to enjoy adult, sometimes cringe material. MP3 album at Amazon

Reign In Laughs is also uneven as to language and material and this gets in the way of the overall experience. There are effin moments where the effin comic effin drops the effin word every effin second word. This is early on in the set and Tole becomes more assured soon enough. It does jar.

The material is also a bit all over the place. “Brainwashed” opens with a very funny bit about an overweight chihuahua having sex with a stuffed whale toy. Tole really nails this one and has no problem making the audience see what he is talking about. He then sort of segues to a bit about a roller derby queen fake flinging semen into the crowd.

The solid parts more than make up for the few lesser moments. Good examples of the former are the bits about cell phone technology and the telegraph or the workplace bit about one a boss wearing the same suit day after day.

Tole is the kind of comic some fans will make a point of following religiously. I can see why but I am not quite there.

By the way, the cover is really cool. Dan Schlissel at Stand Up! Records has a really good eye for cool artwork and artists.

Richard Lanoie

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