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TV & sitcom DVDs - Ground Floor - Comedy Network - Premieres Nov 14th

Ground Floor - Comedy Network - Premieres Nov 14th
Ground Floor
The Comeedy Network
Premieres Thursday Nov 14th 10:30

Those familiar with How I Met Your Mother or Will and Grace will almost immediately recognize the same style on Ground Floor, a new TBS situation comedy that premieres Thursday November 14th at 10:30 on The Comedy Network. The pilot is not really good or bad enough to really predict if this show is a keeper but I would be surprised if this show lasted for more than a season.

Ground Floor's premise is Brody, a money market suit (Skylar Astin), who works on the top floor of a building falls for the very pretty and down to earth Jennifer (Briga Heelan) who is support staff and works on the ground floor of the same building. The usual stereotypes of earthy, normal folk versus rich, privileged snob immediately surface both between Brody and Jennifer and between their colleagues.

A pilot is always a show where supporting characters are being paraded to see how they work. In Ground Floor, the support staff secondary characters are immediately interesting while Brody's colleagues are just interchangeable  guys who make big bucks. The exception is Mr. Mansfield, Brody's boss, played by John C McGinley (Dr. Perry Cox on Scrubs).

Ground Floor is a show I won't mind watching but will not make an effort to schedule unless the show gets tighter and more original.

Richard Lanoie

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