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Stand-up DVD - Nathan Allen - Only Fooling Myself

Only Fooling Myself
Only Fooling Myself
Nathan Allen
Magic and Comedy DVD
69 minutes
Available at artist's website.

Nathan Allen's Only Fooling Myself is the hands down winner of the weirdest fucking DVD of the year. It is also quite entertaining if you are in the mood for something really unusual. Comic magician Allen spent all of 0 dollars recording his show and other segments on a cell phone and just a bit more on editing. The end product is a haphazard collage of show clips, clips from a phone-in with a static photo, a ghost hunting segment, and really cool how to segments. Don't ask me why, but it works.

To add to the huh? Allen seems to have the attention span of a goldfish so aside from the How To bits many segments are one or two minute clips from a longer recording.

Magic is misdirection. My favorite segment on Only Fooling Myself is the one about how to pour water in a bag and make it vanish.

If you like offbeat stuff, don't mind non-existent production values, and are a bit off in terms of your sense of humor, you will want to look into this DVD. Check out the clips on the Allen's website first, or course.

Richard Lanoie

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