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Comedy Reviews - CD - Bengt Washburn - Bengt Over In Europe

Bengt Over In Europe

Bengt Over In Europe
Bengt Washburn
Comedy MP3 Album
Stand Up! Records 2014

Bengt Over In Europe by Bengt Washburn is a superb comedy album.  There is something eminently likeable about this comic that immediately gets you on board and you never regret going along for the ride.

Those who have traveled a bit or lived overseas will enjoy the comic's stories about living in Germany, traveling around Europe, and trying to adapt to a different environment.  His relationship material is also funny and different, especially the bit about his wife coming back from Africa where Washburn's ability to quickly draw a mental picture is most evident.

Though he is an audience friendly comic, Washburn does have a bite. For example his comments on how America was colonized.

This comedy album closes strong with No Sex Talk which is in part growing up Mormon and unaware of certain facts of life. The wet dreams bit is brilliant.

Considering I create the list, I would not be surprised if Bengt Over In Europe makes it on our 2014 top ten list.

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Richard Lanoie

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