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Comedy Reviews - CD - Wolfbot - Born to Jog

Born to Jog
Born to Jog
Comedy Vinyl CD and MP3
Available at CDBaby

Wolfbot's Born to Jog is a different kind of comedy CD. Studio performances are not really my cup of tea so any review of such work must be taken with a grain of salt.

Born to Jog sounds like two comics (Chris Hopkins, Jon Berahya, Josh Hand) in a studio having a series of off the cuff conversations on different topics. These range from the idea of Albert Einstein as an intern to John Cougar Mellencamp changing names. Other tracks are about stuff at the Sky Mall, Star Wars campers, and an evening at the Blue Note. Most are fun.

It is what it is though. Those who enjoy this kind of humor will like Born to Jog. If I had one comment to make is one of the three comics, it is hard to figure out who is speaking on the tracks, needs to respect rule 1 of improv which is to listen to the other player and play along some.

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