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Comedy Reviews - CD - Adam Quesnell - Can We Afford This Much Despair?

Can We Afford This Much Despair?

Can We Afford This Much Despair?
Adam Quesnell
Stand-up comedy CD and MP3
Stand Up! Records 2014

One of the narrative threads in Adam Quesnell's CD and MP3 album Can We Afford This Much Despair is he still has a day job. His work stories are convincing but I do not believe this guy is not doing stand-up comedy full time. There is something slightly off kilter and unusual about his material that makes his rather standard range of topics more interesting and the performance definitely worth your while.

There are a couple of particularly smart bits in here. One is And the Band Played On on what future history books will say about online petitions.  Date rape is the latest edgy topic in comedy. Quenell's bit on the topic is one of the better ones I have heard.  Also highly original is his GPS bit.

I am not convinced Chemical Burn, a bit about him being a superhero with that name, really works. It stalls at the two yard line.  Those very familiar with stand-up will recognize the nature documentary and how the prey animals react to lions or such premise. It is still a funny bit.

The closer Paranoid Anxiety Fantasy is the kind of material I think is Quesnell's forte. I look forward to more of him but also to more of that.

Stand Up! Records has a long history of very artistic covers. This is not one of my favorites but at the same time it is definitely is cool.

Richard Lanoie

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