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Comedy Reviews - CD - David Heti - It was ok, an album of comedy

It was ok, an album of comedy
It Was OK
David Heti
Stand-up comedy CD or download
Avaliable at comic s website

If you like dark, nihilist stand-up, you are definitely going to enjoy David Heti's CD or download It Was OK. It is not perfect but the pros more than outweigh the cons and the material is strong enough to warrant repeated listenings. This is a self-determined contribution release if you get it through the comic's website where it comes with a video version or $9.99 through Itunes.

Heti sounds rather unsure of himself for the first quarter of the show. There are a lot of umms, bits of nervous sounding laughter, and stammers, and these get in the way of the material. Fortunately, the material is strong enough that you overlook this the second or third time you hear it. Heti eventually settles down and hits his stride. This is where It Was OK really soars.  

The comic mostly does very short two or three sentence bits. Many of these are simply superb. Heti   excels at setting up the punch. His ability to give it one hell of a curve means you are more often than not surprised by how funny lines like “and that's were we keep the aborted foetus” or “ none of them really understood what I meant because none of them bothered to pull the baby out of the pool”.

Dark stand-up is not something one listens to on a regular basis. This being said, if you are going to occasionally indulge in it this is one hell of a good CD.

Richard Lanoie

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