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Comedy Reviews - CD - Chris Laker - Moments of Greatness

Moments of Greatness

Moments of Greatness
Chris Laker
Comedy MP3 Album
New Wave Dynamics 2014

If you like stand-up comedy with a slacker slant, Moments of Greatness will be that. Chris Laker has been laid back about everything since grade 7 when he discovered the keys of life (weed and masturbation) and has not changed much since. Fortunately, he has expanded his field of interest so weed is just one bit on this MP3 album. This is an overall solid release

There is a lot to like here. The longer bit about the advantages of living in New York City shows how original Laker is.

There are quite a few great one-liners on this album. My favorite is “God does not close a trash can without opening a dumpster.” He has a enjoyably dark segment on his divorce. The title track about going to Nevada for the best it has to offer is solid. His own Inconvenient Truth is something you've never thought about but he does have a point.

Laker also has some more intellectually interesting moments. F word about how faggot should be euphemized is one of these.

The comic closes with a good bit on religion and being a kid and having kids. I am not sure Laker really set up his audience for how nasty he gets at the end.

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