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Comedy Reviews - CD - Tony Sam - Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat
Tony Sam
Comedy CD or MP3
Stand Up! Records 2014

Scaredy Cat is a decent stand up performance by Tony Sam.  It is the equivalent of listening to a good middle act at a club. The material is good but there is nothing you will really remember at the end of the evening.

Sam has a high-pitched voice. He is smart enough to address that right off so that it does not become the focus of your attention. At the same time, he seems to assume a level of intimacy with the audience he has not really established so that his “T-Bone references” do not sound as cool as he thinks they do.

Perhaps what colored my impression of this comedy CD is Sam seems to be a bit lazy. He uses vulgar language and references for some cheap laughs and to mask weak middles to some routines. There is also the fact that the obvious third joke in “Good Parenting” is “Work at Mr. Slate's quarry riding a dinosaur” and not “job appropriate to the time period”

There are many excellent Stand Up! Records releases to chose from.

Richard Lanoie

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