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Comedy Reviews - CD - Chris Turner - Pretty Fly

Pretty Fly

Pretty Fly
Chris Turner
Comedy MP3 album
Comedy Dynamics 2014

Pretty Fly is a pretty fly comedy album from a white British guy. At a time when everybody is releasing a comedy album, we get one a day or so, Chris Turner's stand up stands out. This godawful play on words is my tip of the hat to some of Turner's joyously horrible puns. These, jokes based on roman numerals, and his ability to work the long form create a solid show.

Turner is a Brit. Brit humor does not always cross the pond very well, as a few experiences at Just For Laugh's Britcom shows have disastrously proven. Turner does. He establishes common currency with the audience by opening with bits based on his appreciation of Hip Hop and artists like Dr. Dre. Still, there are a couple of references that fall flat (flat, for example) and Turner's not pronouncing his Ts handicaps the joke about a laminator.

He gets more serious in a long routine about his past girlfriend and their five year relationship. Here, he tells a story about teeth but also about their relationship and how it faded. I really like the way Chris Turner structured that part of his show.

For those who care, Turner works clean.

It is unfortunate Turner did not have a bigger audience when recording his show. The thin audience handicaps the listening experience somewhat.


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