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Comedy Reviews - CD - Keith Lowell Jensen - Atheist Christmas

Atheist Christmas

Atheist Christmas
Keith Lowell Jensen
Comedy CD or MP3
Stand Up! Records 2014

Keith Lowell Jensen delivers an excellent comedy CD and DVD set with Atheist Christmas. The audience friendly comic has some very funny and original biographical bits that bear repeated listenings. For example, I'd heard the story about his daughter on a 420 release and it is still a personal fave on this album. Amazon lists some of these tracks as explicit but they are very mildly so. MP3 at Amazon

As the title suggests, Jensen is an atheist but this atheist is a big fan of the holiday season and all its religious paraphernalia such as plastic reindeer who poop chocolate. The rest of the bits associated with this theme are giving a performance at Santa's funeral, a friend who wants to gift his daughter a bible, and his mother wanting to give her a nativity set.

Other stories involve one about Jensen's brother scraping his knee and sex ed gone wrong, an encounter with scientology, having fun with a telemarketer, a truther joke, and a rather awkward moment at summer camp.

Atheist Christmas is a great comedy gift. The CD and DVD can be bought separately online.

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Richard Lanoie

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