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Comedy Reviews - CD - George Wallace - Large and In Charge

Large and In Charge
Large and In Charge
George Wallace
Comedy MP3 album
BSeenMedia 2015

Within the following limitations, George Wallace Large and In Charge is an entertaining comedy MP3 album. One, it is the soundtrack to a video oriented performance so there is a moment at the beginning and at the end where the listener is left wondering a bit. Two, this is a reissue of an album first released in 2004 so a number of references are dated.

The best moments on this album are what Wallace is best known for: observations on things you never see (like the Last Baptist Chuch), stupid things people say (like your airplane seatmate asking you if you are going all the way?), and things he does not understand.

The show ends with a long series of Yo Mama jokes with audience participation. It is unfortunate the audience's prompts are difficult to hear. Wallace repeats a few but not all (I think).

There is nothing else by George Wallace out there for some reason. Large and In Charge, though dated, is still fun to listen to.

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