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TV & sitcom DVDs - Letterkenny - Starts Feb. 7th on CraveTV

Letterkenny - Starts Feb. 7th on CraveTV
Premieres February 7th

Letterkenny is a sitcom that debuts February 7th on Crave TV, the Canadian subscription channel available on Chromecast or Apple TV and at (but unfortunately not on ROKU which I think outclasses any other similar device). Letterkenny is most definitely worth scheduling and watching. It is weird, original, funny, different, and easy to get hooked on.

The show stars Jared Keeso as Wayne and Nathan Dales as Daryl who are two guys who hang around a roadside vegetable stand. Daryl is Wayne's best friend. Wayne lives with his sister Katy (the as talented as she is pretty Michellle Mylett). Katy hangs around with two douchebaggish hockey players. There are a bunch of just as odd tertiary characters.

Letterkenny's charm lies it the flat delivery of some very odd dialogue by some just as odd characters, and the plots. Episode two has Wayne coming out of a funk after being dumped by his girlfriend and reclaiming his title as toughest guy in Letterkenny. This is accomplished by the current title holders coming over in turn “at the end of the lane, not on the property” for a title fight. The last matchup occurs on the same day as Daryl's annual soft birthday party which features the guys wearing paper tiaras, pastel colored cupcakes, a horse made up to look like a unicorn, and other kiddie party features.

Season 1 of Letterkenny features 6 episodes and they will all be available February 7th I am sure Bell Media will order more as soon as the show starts airing.

Comedy Network will also air the show this coming spring. Not that you should wait.

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