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Comedy Reviews - CD - Dan Soder - Not Special

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Not Special
Dan Soder
Comedy MP3 album
Comedy Central Records 2016

As he admits in one of the tracks on Not Special, Dan Soder has the voice of a serial killer. He also has one hell of a funny story about when he was 8 and  went to Christian summer camp convinced he was the devil. That bit alone is worth the price of this stand-up comedy MP3 album (it is also available as a video). The segments about being raised by a single mom are also worth buying the album

Soder is basically a biographical comic. His take on the legalization of pot in Colorado and its consequences on his pothead friends and his probably accurate prediction of weed someliers is original.  His take on how people acquire fetishes will make more than one parent weary about making certain decisions when it comes to raising their children.

Soder is easily relatable. I, for one, had the same experience trying to catch a glimpse of something on the scrambled adult channels when I was a kid.

There  are a couple of lesser tracks on this mp3 comedy album but they do not really take away from the whole album.

Not Special IS special. It is a keeper

Richard Lanoie

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