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Comedy Reviews - CD - Suzanne Westenhoefer - I'm Not Cindy Brady

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Suzanne Westenhoefer
I'm Not Cindy Brady

I'm Not Cindy Brady, is Suzanne Westenhoefer's first stand-up comedy CD. First comedy cds are usually hit or miss and this one is a hit. Suzanne Westenhoefer has a knack for telling funny stories and being slightly bawdy at the same time. This collection of funny stories is not an adult comedy CD but definitely a CD for adults. Suzanne Westenhoefer tells funny jokes about her relationship with her schoolteacher partner (yes, she's gay, but she's funny so who cares?), her family, being gay, and Home Depot.

In terms of humor, there is no difference between this "gay comedy" CD and a "straight comedy" CD. On I'm Not Cindy Brady, Suzanne Westenhoefer covers the same ground as any other comic would cover, making fun of the people around her and the events in her life. There are of course funny jokes about gays and lesbians and gay and lesbian society but then again, a black comic would do the same about black people and culture and a redneck comic would do the same about rednecks. Perhaps the only real difference between this comedy CD and a "straight" comedy CD is that Westenhoefer mentions her cats more than you average comic.

I'm Not Cindy Brady is available on the Uproar label. Again, as with 98% of Uproar comedy cds, the sound quality is excellent and this is not something you can say of a lot of comedy CDs.

Suzanne Westenhoefer has been around for a while. I'm Not Cindy Brady was her first release and was followed by the equally funny and well-produced " Nothing In My Closet But Clothes" and her latest release " Guaranteed Fresh ", all of which are available on the Uproar label

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