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TV & sitcom DVDs - Graves - Epix Oct. 16th

Graves - Epix Oct. 16th
Nick Nolte, Sela Ward, Skylar Astin
Premieres Oct. 16th Epix

If Nick Nolte does not get at least a nod for the Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy Series there is something wrong with the world. In the Epix situation comedy Graves Nolte plays a former two-term Republican President who ruled during more or less the real-life Clinton years. He is now retired and spends his time giving speeches to favorable audiences. One day, he is forced to look back at his presidency and sees how much damage he did during those eight years. He decides to make up for all of that.

This Epix series co-stars Sela Ward as the former First Lady who must keep an eye on her unpredictable husband and may have ambitions of her own. It also stars Skylar Astin as Isaiah Miller who grew up idolizing President Graves and is now his latest assistant. Secondary characters include a no-nonsense Samantha, a twenty-something waitress who works at the local diner and Graves' recently separated and very distraught daughter Olivia.

Graves is a very funny, interesting, and original sitcom. The writing is really good and episodes manage to address current social issues such as cutbacks in research funding (episode 1) or the U.S. Immigration policy (episode 2) without any bully pulpiting nor dismissing the issue for a few cheap laughs. In fact there are no cheap laughs at all in the first two episodes I found somewhere on the internet. The humor comes from very plausible situations and characters.

Graves is a series people who do not already have Epix in their cable package will get just for that. Being in Canada, I will have to find ways to keep tabs on this really good situation comedy.

Graves premieres October 16th on Epix

Richard Lanoie

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