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Comedy Reviews - CD - Steve Sabo - Somewhere Between 5 and 7

Somewhere Between 5 and 7
Somewhere Between 5 and 7
Steve Sabo
Comedy MP3 Album
Released 2018
Available through comic s website

Somewhere Between 5 and 7 features a more controlled and less profane Steve Sabo, for the most part. Don't get me wrong, Sabo is still an adult audience comic but for the first two thirds of the album he manages to deliver his material without a series of F-words. The last third of this comedy mp3 album is where the comic lets his guard down (or so I think) and  peppers the very good material with F-words that do little to help. I am not one to shy away from edgy or really profane comedy but here I preferred the more controlled Sabo. In the end, this is a solid album by a biographical comic who has something interesting and funny to say.

All of Somewhere Between 5 and 7 is good but the highlights are the material on hipsters, the much too short bit on how we no longer transmit generational knowledge, how more easily irritated as we grow older, the simile between being single and going to an apple orcher, and the long routine on tattoos. I just realized I pretty much listed the entire album.

I have been following Steve Sabo for a while now. There are links to reviews of his earlier albums here below. I really like how he has grown and matured. It is hard to stay relevant and fresh as a stand-up. Whereas most comics stick with a particular style and persona, Sabo evolves. I really liked his latest release and look forward to the next.

Richard Lanoie

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