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TV & sitcom DVDs - Jake In Progress

John Stamos
ABC 2005

If your looking for a great show that's different than the other sitcoms look no furthur than Jake In Progress.

ABC has been trying for years to get back to what they once were, and this TV season has done it for them.They had breakout hits with Desperate Housewives and Lost, but were still lacking in the sitcom department..until now with Jake In Progress.

Jake In Progress centers around a New York City based publicist, Jake Phillips, played by the wonderfully charming John Stamos. Jake has to juggle his celebrity clients lives with his own, not so perfect (though it seems that way to some) personal life. His celebrity clients are anyone from 2 warring teen divas, to a not too tall basketball player, to a young star who wreaks havoc in a hotel room. In his personal life, Jake has broken up with his fiancee, who's now marrying someone else, and goes on dates with various women with various personalities. His friends lives are also varied. He has his best friend Adrian (Ian Gomez), a dentist, married father of two who lives in the suburbs and greatly envies Jake's lifestyle. Patrick (Rick Hoffmann), his new hanger on friend whose a David Blaine type magician (Jake met him while he was living in a glass box, outside his ex-girlfriend's apartment, who Jake went out with) and Naomi (Wendie Malick), Jake's boss at Magnum PR, whose single and pregnant and has a tough exterior that is really masking a vulnerable interior.

Jake's dating life changes when he meets the new office temp, Brooke (Julie Bowen, in a recurring role) whose the first girl to turn Jake down for a date--even when he repeatedly asks. Brooke won a makeover show called The Butterfly (yes, a take off of The Swan) and eventually realizes that maybe Jake is OK afterall. The chemistry between John Stamos and Julie Bowen is instant. If Brooke will tame Jake's playboy ways is yet to be seen, but I think it's a
pretty safe bet.

Jake in Progress has been compared to Sex and The City, Jerry Maguire (the most accurate comparison). The show is shot with a single camera and no laugh track, ala Arrested Development, Scrubs, Malcolm In The Middle and yes, Sex and The City. "Jake" is funny, well written, the acting is suberb and populated by a very talented ensemble cast which deserves a chance from ABC. Currently ABC is airing the 2 episodes a week because they say they don't have another show to pair it with (the show even took Desperate Housewives Sunday timeslot for a sneak preview). There are only 2 new episodes left, airing April 21st, from 8-9 PM (eastern time), so catch it while you can. The word is that the show may not be back for fall (blame that tough Thursday competition and short sited network execs), so watch it now. ABC finally has a genuine winner in the comedy category on its hands and needs to give the show time to make progress.

Amy Lambalzer 

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