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TV & sitcom DVDs - The Man Show - Season Two

BUY Man Show Season Two DVD cover
6 DVD Set
Eagle Vision
Distributed by EMi Music Canada

There is no doubt The Man Show, starring Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla, is the weirdest, sometimes funniest, and sometimes most disturbing show on Comedy Central (The Comedy Network in Canada). There is also no doubt The Man Show is sexist, juvenile, testosterone laden, and a great hit with men 18 to 98. Each show opens with Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla doing a bit of an intro monologue and ends with the Juggies jumping on a trampoline. Regular features of The Man Show feature fart jokes, penis jokes, skits with monkeys, various scenes with the juggies, something offensive to women, and beer drinking: no wonder this is such a hit.

The Man Show Season Two released on Eagle Vision features the 26 shows of the 2000 - 2001 season. It is an interesting fact that the material is not dated at all and what was funny is still very funny (and what is lame is still lame). What is less interesting is although the packaging for this 6 TV comedy DVD set is very good (there's even a little cardboard sleeve that covers the generously endowed Juggy cover girl to make the box set displayable in stores), the track listings for the DVDs is way out of whack. The box set lists 5 episodes per DVD while there are only 4 so by the time you get to DVD 4, the track list is pretty much useless. There are even a few mistakes in the episode contents themselves.

Overall, The Man Show Season Two is a very good box set. Many of the funny sketches are very funny and most work without suffering from Saturday Night Live Fever (a skit that runs 5 minutes but was only funny for the first minute or so). Some of the best skits are Lighting a Fart (episode 201), Husbandly Duties (episode 204) where a man can hire a gay man to do all the things a real man hates such as watching romantic movies, talking, and cuddling, CamCorders for Lesbians (episode 205), the straight version of Gilligan's Island (episode 206) with a special and rather raunchy appearance by Dawn Wells, the various skits with a boy scout (such as when he asks "old ladies" of about thirty if they need help crossing the street or tries to get guys to buy him beer). Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla seem to be pretty good at repartee but at the same time the various "man in the street" skits seem to indicate their interaction with the audience in the Q and A that ends the show is pretty much scripted.

The Man Show Season Two also features a bit of a salute to Benny Hill (episode 215), the funny School-O-Vations (a guide for college students, episode 214), Boys Gone Wild video commercial, Adult Film Fantasy Camp -with real porn stars including Peter North and that fat guy, Myths and Facts About College, and the very weird Antique Porn Show.

Less successful in The Man Show Season Two are the various Karl Malone commercials interspersed here and there in various episodes. There is something about what seems to be a white man in blackface that has never worked and the commercials themselves just are not that funny. Other lame segments include all of episode 212, the If I Were King and If I Were a Midget skits, and the in the streets segments with Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla.

Most disturbing of the Man Show Season Two are the segments where Jimmy Kimmel does a skit with his son or daughter. It is sometimes said there is always a grain of truth behind every joke and even if these jokes fall flat, the grain of truth they suggest is rather scary.

Still, you have to remember The Man Show is what it is: Fans will definitely want to get Season Two and those who do not like The Man Show to start with will probably not be interested in getting this box set in the first place. You can only preach to the converted.

Show Disc Content
201 1 Lighting a fart (Man-o-vations), More Juggies, Tribute to the Fox
202 1 Powerful women, Rosie O'Donnell in a well,.
203 1 Aaron, Man Show boy, Museum of Annoying Guys
204 1 Help with husbandly duties, Wheel of Destiny
205 2 CamCorders for lesbians, Adam and Jimmy in Heaven, Man vs. Beast
206 2 Gilligan's Island, Beach-o-vations
207 2 How to behave in the workplace, When I am king, Trampoline auditions
208 2 How to get a man, Juggy Talent Show
209 3 Teaching women about the work place, Korn Liography
210 3 Boy tries to get beer, Movies men do want to see, A day at the dump
211 3 Election smear Campaign, If a woman were President, Mud wrestling
212 3 International sex customs, If I were a midget, If I were king
213 4 Hef's House: Best of Man Show Season Two
214 4 Myths and facts about college, Help some nerd find a girl, Fraternity Action Heroes
215 4 Introducing Karl Malone, Boys Gone Wild, Unfortunate Names, Chocolate Diet
216 4 Tribute to Benny Hill, Wheel of Destiny
217 5 Juggy training, X-ray specs, Funnies
218 5 Credit Cards, You Can't Win Theater, Adult Film Fantasy Camp
219 5 Man Show Boy as Girl Scout, Talent Show
220 5 Car Show, Antique Porn Show, Adopt-a-stripper, Great moments in stupidity
221 6 Christmas competition at the Kimmels, Hanukah with Goldberg, Holiday Toy Demo
222 6 Valentine's Day spending, Sex-o-vations
223 6 Sports show, Athletic Juggies, Hall of fame
224 6 Laziness, Movies men don't want to see, Great moments in cinema
225 6 Phone sex, Little league, 1-800-man-show
226 6 Jamaica: Best of Man Show Season Two (again)
Bonus 6 Karl Malone on:
Man Show Miracles
The Juggbournes
Tobias Cats
What's with the attitude?
Girls on trampolines

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