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TV & sitcom DVDs - Noel Noel And The Star Eater

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Noel Noel / The Star Eater
National Film Board Of Canada
English and French Versions
52 minutes
kaBOOM Entertainment 2005

Noel Noel is a two animated features DVD featuring the really good NFB cartoon Noel Noel and an animated short, The Star Eater by Nicola Lemay.

Although Noel Noel, the cartoon, is probably a little too scary for the very young it is nonetheless a very good Christmas cartoon. It will in many ways remind people of the Chuck Jones / Boris Karloff How The Grinch Stole Christmas in its style. The story is about a small time toy maker, Noel Noel who meets a good fairy, gets some magical powers, becomes a toy tycoon whose newest Christmas idea is live reindeer in a box. Unfortunately, the tycoon is cursed and turns into a monster on Christmas day because of a major mistake he made in the past. This cartoon is also about a young girl, Zoey, and her dog Snooze. When her reindeer in a box present escapes on Christmas morning, Zoey goes after it, finds Noel the monster, and well, hey, it's a Christmas story so you can figure out the rest.

With its Noel Noel monster, various ghosts, and so on, this Christmas cartoon is definitely not for the very young. Adults will enjoy some of the visual gags involving Zoey's parents Christmas Eve. The writing for this Christmas tale is very reminiscent of Dr. Seuss and quite funny at times. For example: "His heart felt more than a mysterious urge. / Her kiss had been more than a corporate merge." or "But this reindeer's a truly peculiar entity. / Can a herbivore have a secret identity?"

Noel Noel won the Special Jury Award and the Best Animation - Children 6/8 from the Alliance For Children And Television.

The second animated feature on this Christmas DVD, The Star Eater, is a short, almost 4 minutes, gorgeous and silent cartoon by animator Nicola Lemay (check out her website for some neat goodies). It is basically the story of how a young boy saves a shooting star from a monster.

Bonus features on this DVD include Noel Noel Unwrapped, a behind the scenes feature, a story of the animated feature, and Noel Noel the soundtrack. Another neat possibility is to play Noel Noel without the narration. It is just as interesting and makes for a very different animated special..

Noel Noel
Narrated by Leslie Nielsen
Story and text by Matthew Barry and John Welsh
Produced by Nicola Lemay
National Film Board of Canada 2004

The Star Eater
Animated by Nicola Lemay
National Film Board of Canada / Teletoon

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