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TV & sitcom DVDs - Red Green - It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas

BUY Red Green Christmas (dvd cover)
Steve Smith (Red Green), Patrick McKenna, Graham Greene
Gordon Pinsent, Wayne Robson
Acorn Media 2005
60 minutes
45 minutes extra show

If the southern states have their rednecks, Canada has its Red Green, a good ol' boy with a talent for fixing things with duct tape and a guys will be guys attitude to everything. Christmas comes twice a DVD with It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas. This perennial CBC and PBS comedy favorite only started doing a Christmas special in 1998 at the request of PBS and it is only a year later that the CBC gave Red Green a one-hour time slot for the annual Xmas special. This great DVD includes the title episode and, as an extra, the second special A Merry Red Green Christmas.

Aside from a couple of innuendos, Red Green is a show the whole family can enjoy. Fans of Duck Tape, bad do-it-yourself projects, lodge brothers, and tall tales will certainly enjoy this DVD. Red Green (Steve Smith) really knows how to put together a funny skit TV show. Unlike Saturday Night Live or Mad TV, Smith knows that the key to a funny sketch is to make it short and sweet and not overextend the material.

Each show on It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas contains some twenty-five short, hilarious comedy bits featuring the characters that hang around the Possum Lodge: Harold Green (Red's nerdish nephew), Dalton Humphrey, the owner of the general store, Edgar Montrose (the great Graham Greene) the explosives expert, Mike Hamar (Wayne Robson) the ne'er do well, and the rather dense Ranger Gord, to name a few.

There are so many funny bits on It's A Red Green Christmas and the bonus show A Merry Red Green Christmas that naming a favorite is nearly impossible. Still, the Red Green version of T'Was The Night Before Christmas ("T'was the night before Christmas and all around the lodge / Not a vehicle was starting, not even my Dodge") that is used as a connector between the many comedic episodes in the first Xmas special is very enjoyable. The nativity scene he puts together using an oven for the Virgin Mary -she had one in the oven--, old computers for the three wise men, and a real German Shepherd for the shepherd is too bizarre for words.

A Merry Red Green Christmas includes the fun how-to segment on cooking with the car on the way to Christmas supper and a scrooge version of A Gift Of The Magi with Dalton Humphrey.

In a season where every Christmas special and show is just an excuse to pour on the sweetener, Red Green shows you can do a Christmas show without losing track of what your show is really about.

It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas is simply a great DVD.

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