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Comedy Movies - Drowning Mona - Bette Midler and Danny DeVito


Downing Mona
Bette Midler, Danny DeVito,
Jamie Lee Curtis, Neve Campbell
Alliance Atlantis

With a crew like the very funny Danny DeVito, the sometimes funny Bette Midler, the always screwball Jamie Lee Curtis, and Neve Campbell, how can you go wrong making Drowning Mona, which is supposedly a comedy ? Let me count the ways.

1- The plot, or semblance of plot in this mess of a movie, has to do with trying to figure out who killed Mona Dearly, played by Bette Midler.

2- Considering the way Bette Midler simply hams it up and doesn't bother doing much acting, even I wanted to kill her so there goes the suspense. Mona Dearly is a mean woman who dies in a car accident. Someone tampered with her brakes. Everyone in the small town, from the cop, Danny DeVito, whose daughter is supposed to marry Mona's son's best friend, to her husband, who is having an affair with Jamie Lee Curtis (now, if you were married to Bette Midler the way she quote acts unquote in this so-called comedy, you would have an affair with Jamie Lee Curtis too). So that is what the funny moments in this movie are supposed to hang on.

3-The problem is there are no funny moments. There is an ongoing not funny slacker-jokes subplot having to do with Mona's slacker son and his best friend who run a landscaping company, there is another subplot having to do with Neve Campell and her fiance, another with Jamie Lee Curtis and Mona's husband and Jamie Lee Curtis finding out Mona's husband is not going to marry her ever.

4- The writing in this so-called comedy is so lousy that the writers want us to believe people in a small town would cheat on their spouses at the only motel in town.

5- And so on and so on.

This is a bargain bin comedy dvd and there it should have stayed.

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