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Comedy Movies - Freaky Friday Lohan - Curtis Version


Freaky Friday
Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Lee Curtis
Disney 2003

Hollywood is so out of ideas that even Disney, who we all know is world-famous for caring about its customers (see sarcasm and irony), is making remakes of its movies. Chances are we soon will get the remake of Ol' Yeller (in these pc times, Senior Citizen Asian-American Dog).

Still, sometimes, a remake is not so bad. Freaky Friday was originally made in 1977 with Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris and was a very funny movie. Freaky Friday, the remake, stars Lindsay Lohan and the always funny Jamie Lee Curtis. Both movies have the same basic plot: A mother and daughter fail to get along and through some weird magic end up in each other's bodies.

The original version of this family comedy was much more innocent and, of course, did not have the amount of product placement we can catch in the new version of this funny story.

Freaky Friday, the remake, is, however, a success. Everything's been updated so the kid, Lindsay Lohan is in a rock band and in a battle of the bands contest (guess the ending...). The mother is a single mother and a career woman.

There are funny scenes when the girl's boyfriend gets the hot for the mother (or is it the daughter?) and there are also a few funny moments with the stereotypical Chinese old lady (who put the curse on them). As all Disney movies, this one ends well.

The only thing I hate about Freaky Friday is the Disney trademark of dumping as many previews and tie-ins on the dvd as possible and almost forcing you to watch this advertising before you can actually see the movie. Many people, on principle, try to boycott Disney dvds for that very same reason, Disney still not having learned that if we buy the DVD we do not need to be its captive audience and be forced to watch all the Disney propaganda. However, it's hard when you got kids or when you like funny comedies, and this is one (or two) of them

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