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Comedy Movies - Mortuary Academy

Mortuary Academy
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Mortuary Academy
Paul Bartell, Christopher Atkins
Directed by Michael Schroeder
Sony Pictures Home Video 2005
86 minutes

Mortuary Academy is a very funny comedy about necrophilia and the dead in a National Lampoon -the funny ones- and Police Academy style.  Blue Lagoon hunk Christopher Atkins and Perry Lang  play the Grimm brothers duo who inherit a mortuary if and only if they learn the business. Their classmates are the usual stereotypical bad students, the dean is, of course, a crook, and there is an older woman, Mary Woronov of Eating Raoul, to spice things up.

Although the jacket for this Dvd makes the movie appear like a Halloween horror flick, Mortuary Academy really is a humorous movie.  It has all of the jokes and funny bits you would expect from a movie about the embalming business like when the receptionist answers "You snuff ‘em, we stuff ‘em" or "You kill ‘em, we fill'em" but it also features enough fresh and interesting moments to make watching this comedy worth your while. 

The funniest bit is of course the fixation Doctor Trusscott has with doing with the dead including a few acted out fantasies with his assistant, Mary Woronov, before she turns on him because he turned to a really dead girl. 

The movie features the usual cast of character actors that appear often as weirdoes in movies like this one including Anthony James as an ex-con (triple homicide), and Tracey Walter as the robotics expert embalmer.  Of course, no such movie would be incomplete without quite a few sex jokes and a joke or two about dead people and bodies and stuff.  Still, the writing and the acting in Mortuary Academy is above par for this kind of lightweight fare.

Look for the late Wolfman Jack as the manager of a band the students literally bring back to life and Batman villain Cesar Romero (the Joker) in a very small cameo at the end of this film.

Mortuary Academy may not look like much but it is certainly enjoyable.

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