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Comedy Movies - National Lampoon Movie Madness

BUY Movie Madness (dvd cover)
Christopher Lloyd, Fred Willard, Olympia Dukakis
MGM Home Video 2005
89 minutes
Partial nudity, simulated sex, adult situations

Movie Madness, also known as National Lampoon Goes To The Movies, has the tag line "The film that Hollywood doesn't want you to see!" Why doesn't Hollywood want you to see this? Because all of the actors in it are probably embarrassed by it and have probably sacrificed their agent and a few goats and chickens to get it off their resume. This is the comedy that makes any other movie better by comparison.

Granted, aside from a couple of really funny movies like Animal House and a couple of Chevy Chase Vacation flicks, the National Lampoon franchise has never put out more than lame, sometimes comic B films. This gobbler has to be the worst ever. There is one funny line, one good gag, and one lame joke in this thing. The rest of the humour is hiding somewhere with Jimmy Hoffa.

This is a collection of three shorts that are not short enough. The first one, Growing Myself is about a guy who kicks out his wife using all the lines a woman would use when leaving her husband on her, starts a plant hospital, goes out with a 14 year old girl, meets a bimbo, loses three of his four kids in New York City and flips his ex for the fourth when she comes back for her children. The jacket of this Dvd says this is supposed to be a spoof but it is obvious somebody forgot to watch the original movies they wanted to make fun of.

The second short, Success Wanters, is about a girl fresh out of college who gets a job as a burlesque dancer, has her innocence taken in a butter bang with some dairy executives, and gets her revenge taking control of the margarine industry and the world. Robert Culp is culpable of being in this. This is the only place in this turkey where you actually crack a smile, either when the Greek tycoon tries to break plastic plates in a cultural ritual or when the bimbo says "I went from Greek tycoon to President of the United States and usually it is the other way around." Fred Willard had to pay the rent that month so he appears here too.

Municipalians closes this collection of bombs in a story featuring Robbie Benson as a rookie cop on a force trying to find a serial killer (Christopher Lloyd) who leaves a copy of his driver's license next to the bodies. Henny Youngman has a cameo as the killer's lawyer. Julie Kavner, of Simpsons voice-over fame is here too.

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