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Comedy Movies - Pauly Shore Is Dead

BUY Pauly Shore Is Dead (dvd cover)
Pauly Shore
Cameos by Ellen DeGeneres, Charlie Sheen, Rick Ducommin
Fox Home Entertainment
82 minutes

Pauly Shore Is Dead might be good news if it wasn't a movie. Let's face it, Pauly Shore is not much of a comic actor and he can't even play himself without looking and sounding like he is overreaching. This comedy is very similar in style and content to Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm without the humor. Those who like movies about behind the scenes Hollywood will also be sadly disappointed.

The premise was interesting: What happens to an actor or a grade B Hollywood celeb when he or she dies? Of course, all of the celeb's friends parade on talk shows, Entertainment Tonight, etc and go on and on about what a great human being we have lost. Sales of the celeb's back catalogue go through the roof, and so on.Unfortunately,and no sarcasm intended, it takes too long for Pauly Shore to die in this comedy (sarcasm intended here). The other problem is although the premise is good, using Pauly Shore as the grade B celeb does not help at all. Gilligan (Bob Denver) would have been interesting, Gary Coleman would have been interesting, but not Pauly Shore.

If your idea of comedy is jokes about Shore wanking off to a porn movie, pulling his shorts down to get spanked by a hooker, and so on, go for it. What few jokes there are in this movie are so predictable even people who find Three's Company hard to follow will figure them out before they happen (as in Pauly is talking to a porn star, his mother gets on the other line, Pauly puts the porn star on hold and, of course, ends up talking to his mother thinking she is the porn star. To add insult to injury, it takes exactly 33 minutes for Pauly Shore to die in this 82-minute movie.

Pauly Shore was predeceased by this movie

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