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Comedy Movies - Uncle Saddam

BUY Uncle Saddam (dvd cover)
Directed by Joel Soler
Narration written by Scott Thompson
Xenon Pictures 2003
63 minutes plus 40 minutes for extras

Uncle Saddam is a interesting, sometimes funny, absolutely absurd and very dark serious mockumentary. Perhaps it was funnier when it was originally released and when Saddam Hussein was still in power and giving George W. Bush some wet dreams. Some three years later, it is still an interesting document though of the humorous bite has gone out of it (perhaps this is due to the text by Scott Thompson (of Kids In The Hall fame) or that it is read pretty matter of factly by Wallace Longman) but it is still absurd and dark.

This mockumentary plays like a government sponsored documentary about a head of state or one of those glowing tribute video portraits you see at political conventions. Here, however, titles and images rectify the festschrift you are watching. Another way to look at it is to imagine one of those campaign PAC attack ads with tons of absurd truth thrown in. Still, Joel Soler makes some very interesting and biting points, especially in the chapter Tower Of Babel about the architecture Saddam has left or was leaving behind and what an immense ego trip it all is. Still, a Canadian hearing the mocking comment that Saddam once claimed God spoke to him in a dream can only thing of half a dozen American television preachers who have also claimed this and been taken seriously by the American mainstream media. The section on Saddam's tight and deadly grip on his family is chilling.

Uncle Saddam won Best Documentary at the New Orleans Film Festival and the Northampton Film Festival.

Extra features include a series of somewhat funny dictator of the world trading card like pictures, a speech by Joel Soler about his adventures filming and putting Uncle Saddam together.

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