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Comedy Movies - Warm Summer Rain

Warm Summer Rain
Kelly Lynch, Barry Tubb
Directed by Joe Gayton
MGM Home Video 2005
84 minutes

What can you say about a movie when the only quote on the jacket is "Plenty of skin!" from Variety? Warm Summer Rain with Kelly Lynch is basically soft-core artsy-fartsy pseudo profound stuff with weird dialogue. The first line uttered in this movie is "You must like your mayonnaise, young lady!" and at some point in time the Kelly Lynch character says, "So you open your veins and let the rose inside of you spill out."

After a suicide attempt, a girl escapes from the hospital and takes a bus to nowhere. The next morning she wakes up married to a guy (billed as Guy in the credits) and living in a shack somewhere. They have lots of inexplicit sex and talk a lot about the meaning of life, their lives, and other stuff. One day the guy brings her a kid and then returns it to wherever he got it.

The movie is, I guess, about the meaning of life or something else that is profound. She was a secretary and felt she deserved something more out of life, he got stood up at his wedding so he shot his bride to be because he was too chicken to take his own life. Water and rain seem to have some symbolic value but whatever it is, it does make for a few sexy scenes.

The movie ends in a sort of flash-forward with a pseudo-poetic voice-over.

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