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Comedy Movies - Working Trash

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George Carlin, Ben Stiller
20th Century Fox

Working Trash is an originally made for TV comedy and it shows a bit in the picture quality. Still, this is a good little comedy with a very young Ben Stiller and one of George Carlin's first starring roles in the movies. Carlin's acting chops are new in this funny movie so he does do a bit of mugging for the camera and relies a bit on some of his stage mannerisms to get through the role. Stiller is a good second banana in this comic flick about the stock market.

Ben Stiller plays Fred Novak, a young man who applies for a job on Wall Street but is only qualified to be a janitor. George Carlin is Ralph Sawatski, Fred's supervisor and a man with a gambling problem. Central to the plot is a document shredder a secretary is afraid to use so Ralph and Fred get their hands on confidential stock information they find in the garbage (working trash, get it?). Soon, Carlin, Stiller, and the other small fry in the company's building like the shoeshine guy (Michael J. Pollard) and another janitor (stand-up comic George Wallace) become financially successful. A very secondary plot involves Mr. Lodge (a special appearance by Buddy Ebsen) and the plans one of his directors has to take over his company. Unfortunately for the director the plan involves the employee pension fund so the custodial staff decide to teach him a lesson and get even.

If you know nothing about the stock market, this comedy does a good job of giving you the basics such as the stock market is like betting at the track, a stockbroker is the bookie, and insider trading is like owning the jockey. Working Trash is not a great, laugh out loud comic romp and there are a couple of holes in the plot but it is a fun little movie with quite a few funny one-liners, humorous moments, and comic bits. This is another very reasonably priced Fox Home Entertainment release and the price is right.

Special features are limited to the director and producer commentary and, as in many other such features, they do not say anything really interesting.

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